Laurence's secret

Laurence's Secret

A deserted flat... dim lights... The occupant of the apartment is missing and you have to find out her secret!

As elite detectives, don your latex gloves and get out your instant camera, because the truth about the mysterious Laurence is hiding in every nook and cranny of her home.

Will you be up to the challenge of this extraordinary investigation?

2-4 players

40 minutes

-% success rate

The ephemeral escape room Le Secret de Laurence is now closed,
we invite you to play the Laurence's Secret" online game version

LAB news : Do you like investigations? Observation skills and perceptiveness are at the heart of an original experience where you'll have to come up with some real theories to win. 2-4 players. In French only. Ages 15 and over.

? 2 to 4 players: 1 room 

 2nd floor @The Escape LAB - 21 rue du sentier 75002 PARIS



Escape games since: 2013
Origin : Paris
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Its history

One of the pioneers of the escape game. This talented game designer was one of the first to transform his skills from gaming to live escape games. Since 2014 he has completed more than 15 escape game projects.

His achievements

  • The Citroen C42
  • The Google room
  • Emily S
  • Prizoners
  • The strange story...