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The 3 monkeys

Neuro-Link, the most secretive of neuroscience laboratories, conducts research and experiments on the brain.
One of the centre's doctors has discovered that if you take away a guinea pig's sense of speech, hearing or sight, for example, he quickly develops new cerebral and cognitive abilities.

The latest tests, with primates, were very positive. One of the monkeys even developed a sense of speech as a result of these tests. But for ethical reasons, experiments on primates have been abolished.

You are going to be the first human guinea pigs in a unique scientific experiment called "The Primates Project". Everything should go well...

LAB's help : Immersed in a neuroscience laboratory, your team will have to do everything they can to pass the tests...  3 escape rooms identical to welcome 3 to 18 players (3 rooms for 3 to 6 players). Duration on site: approx. 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • Children aged 12 and over accompanied by 2 adults or aged 16 and over on their own.
  • English version available

👤 3 to 6 players: 1 room | 👤 6 to 12 players: 2 rooms | 👤 9 to 18 players: 3 rooms | 28€ per person |
Shared payment available More info

 LINK ESCAPE: 2nd floor @The Escape LAB - 21 rue du sentier 75002 PARIS   Air-conditioned game


3X 3 to 6 players

60 minutes

50% success rate

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The opinion of PackYourThings : A top-notch game master welcomed us to the primates project, and thanks to him we quickly immersed ourselves in the world of the game. The puzzles are very varied and the clues are well contextualised and don't just fall out of the sky, as can sometimes happen. Despite the fact that we were a team of beginners, we managed to get through... PHEW!

The opinion of Redwolves92120: As part of an activity with colleagues, we tried out Neurolink-Experience, and everyone came away delighted. Neurolink is very original in terms of its puzzles. We didn't all get out in time, but it was a real success - everyone was won over and wants to try this type of activity again. Thank you to all the team for your kindness.

The opinion of Lapin2301 : The 4 of us had a great time in one of the 3 rooms of the Primates Project.
The first part requires real collaboration, with everyone playing a part in solving the puzzle: great fun! The second part is more classic, but the puzzles require thought and skill. A good GM helped us out a bit, but didn't interfere too much, so we really enjoyed ourselves. One of the best Escape Games we've done in Paris.



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Origin : Paris

Its history

After creating mechanisms and games for several French escape games, Link escape opens in Paris.