3 to 8 players

1 escape room

70 min

Difficulty 3/5

Ultra immersive room of over 100m²! Exclusive to Escape LAB Paris

"Alert - Dinosaurs detected!" - The red alert is activated in the basement of the Genesis LAB laboratory, known for its research into DNA.

Le RAPTOR Project was not fake news. The scientists who worked there have disappeared, but an undercover agent on site has a master key and can get you into the area. 

As dinosaur experts, you may be the only ones able to tame them. Will there be any survivors?

LAB's help Discover an ultra-immersive escape game, with real dinosaurs, a vehicle, lots of surprises, special effects, emotions and thrills! RAPTOR Project is not recommended for children under 13.  Coming soon: a 2nd mission: T.REX Project - The secret laboratory, from age 9.

From age 12* accompanied by 1 adult


Only in french

Expect to stay 1H30 on site

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

The opinion of Alexandre B. : Very nice room, with some really cool wow-factors. The story is simple but effective and the dinosaurs are more real than life. A few adjustments here and there are needed for even more fun, but otherwise it's very, very good. You can go in with your eyes closed, you'll love it whether you're a novice or an experienced player.

Stéphanie's opinion. : Extra! The raptor project was amazing! Immersive to the core, with a game master who was involved and a bit of an actor, just the way we like them. The plot was well crafted and the setting was just right. Lots of shouting and humour. It was top-notch!

Rémi's opinion. : I loved this escape! It's great fun! The effects are crazy, some of them unprecedented, and you can tell that the care and desire to do the best possible job were the driving forces.
The puzzles are very parallel and you have to pay attention to the smallest details. The pace is very good, there's no down time and we had very little help. I'd recommend going to this room if you want to get a close-up experience of the dinosaurs that isn't cheap or kitschy. Well done to the creative team and the game masters! 

Ha Bib's opinion. : Simply brilliant. We did the dinosaur escape game. Definitely the best escape game I've ever done... and I've done a lot! Total immersion...

Adrien's opinion. : 5 of us came to do the Raptor escape game. It was great, the puzzles are really fun and the animations are very realistic. We were surprised at times and we might even jump out of our skin. The escape game room is really big and you don't have to step on any toes to solve the puzzles. In short, I had a great time. I'd already done 3 escape games in other places and this was my favourite.

Sofiane's opinion. : Incredible! The best escape game I've ever done (it's my tenth)


Fred's opinion : The ending is amazing! I wasn't ready

Pierre's opinion . : Crazy immersion! I don't even understand how you did it!

Macha's opinion. : I actually freaked out but I was like 😀!

Théo's opinion. : An excellent adventure with some nice surprises. Some fine-tuning to come on the soundtrack and the puzzles, which could make this one of the best venues in Paris.
Very good GM. I recommend it without hesitation!

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