2x 3 to 8 players

2 escape rooms

70 min

Difficulty 4/5

Halloween 1987 - Vincent Flynn, a young schoolboy, mysteriously disappears. Your friend was behaving strangely, and the last words he spoke haunt you.
"The gate's open! It's coming! The Demogorgon is coming!" We have to find out more and try to find him! 

You've made a pretext of going out for Halloween with your mates, dressed up or not, and you're going to sneak into the Flynn house to find some clues.

LAB's help Retro decor, toys and objects from the 80s... This room, inspired by the works of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and the Stranger Things series, will plunge you into a fascinating universe... A return to childhood for some, and new discoveries for others. 2 identical escape rooms for up to 16 people.
Difficult level
Also available in Geneva & Avignon.
Don't hesitate to come dressed up in Halloween or 80's style for a bonus.

From 15 years accompanied by 1 adult

28€ per person

French / English

Expect to stay 1H30 on site

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