20 players at Escape LAB

Here are the configurations we suggest for 20 players...

Looking for an escape game in Paris for 20 people? Come to Escape LAB, and your expectations will be fulfilled. With ultra-realistic immersive games, air-conditioned rooms and competitive prices, we've got everything you need for a unique experience!

Our escape games are available for 20 players or more

We propose the following scenarios: ALMA Menace 3.0, Maya Jungle, Mystique, Military base B-423 Security centre, Military base B-423 Powerstation, Eclipse VR 4D or Ascenders VR 4D.

Configuration Intermediate level grouped 

Play ALMA Menace 3.0, an excellent space game for 20 people. Your mission: to neutralise ALMA, a rebel artificial intelligence threatening to enslave humanity.

In this configuration, you'll be split into 2 groups of 10 people, in two different rooms. Rest assured, you'll be taking part in the same mission simultaneously, as these rooms are interconnected.

Easy level configuration

In this configuration, you will be split into 2 teams: one of 14 players and another of 6.

Make several teams to play with 20 players: play Maya Jungle in 2 groups! 

For greater ease of play, you'll be split into 2 teams. Each team will play in a different room, but all the players will take part in the same mission. They will experience the same actions simultaneously, and their movements will be perfectly synchronised.

Maya Jungle teleports you into a Mexican jungle full of dangers. Take on the role of intrepid explorers in search of a priceless Mayan artefact. This 20-person game space will give you a thrilling immersive experience.

Small teams: play Mystique

This team will be playing "Mystique", an escape game full of thrills, secrets and mysterious disappearances. Don't be scared! All you have to do is visit a haunted hut near a cemetery!

Configuration Easy and Difficult levels

This configuration is ideal for an escape game for 20 people. You are invited to form 3 teams, which will choose 3 different scenarios: 2 teams of 7 players, and another of 6 players.

1st team: play PC security Military base B-423

Assemble an undercover team and go on a search mission to the B-423, a military base abandoned in mysterious circumstances in 1991. Gain access to the top-secret PC Security room and find out what's behind it.

2ᵉ team : Take up the challenge Powerstation Military Base B-423

It would appear that a nuclear bomb is hidden in the Powerstation, a facility that is off-limits to the public. Put together a team of 7 people and find out if this rumour is true.

In a final team, play Mystique

Solve the mysteries of a haunted hut next to a cemetery, deep in a gloomy forest.

VR + Escape configuration

Organise yourself into 2 teams: divide the 20 players into two teams! 

Choose Eclipse VR 4D or Ascenders VR 4D

You can choose between 2 virtual reality games: Ascenders VR 4D and Eclipse VR 4D. Each of these games has a maximum capacity of 4 players per room. That's why you'll be split into 2 groups of 4 players. But don't worry, you'll be playing simultaneously, and everyone will be taking part in the same mission.

Play ALMA Menace 3.0

The principle is the same. You form 2 groups, which play simultaneously in 2 rooms.

Play the best escape games in Paris for up to 20 people

 Escape LAB offers you 7 immersive, fun and realistic escape games. Immerse yourself in parallel worlds and enjoy unique escape experiences. All the themes of team games are covered: team-building, taking initiative, communication, organisation, etc.

We have air-conditioned rooms that can accommodate large numbers of people at the same time. And if you want to organise an escape game for more than a hundred people, we can get them playing in a single day.

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