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50 players at Escape LAB Paris

Escape LAB paris can accommodate up to 75 players simultaneously, so there are several options for 50 players.
Ideal for team-building activities in Paris.

Escape LAB is the first immersive games complex in Paris. Thanks to our modular rooms and ultra-realistic scenarios, we can offer the best escape games for up to 50 people in the Paris region.

Our escapes games are available for 50 players or more

We offer a standard configuration, so that you can get the most out of your escape game for 50 people. To make the game as comfortable as possible, you will be divided into several sub-teams so that 50 people can play.

50 players: play ALMA 3.0

This team will be divided into several groups to split your team of 50 players. Once the groups have been formed, you will be split into 2 rooms to play ALMA 3.0. The aim is to give each player as much space as possible, for an immersive, high-quality experience. We'd like to make it clear that you'll all be taking part in the same mission, as the game will run simultaneously in both rooms. Conversations, actions, strategy - everything will be perfectly synchronised!

Book for 50 people: join the Maya Jungle adventure

As with the first team, you'll be divided into small groups and split into 2 rooms. The aim is the same: to provide maximum comfort for the players. Maya Jungle takes place simultaneously in the 2 rooms and all players take part in real time.

Choose Eclipse VR 4D or Ascenders VR 4D and play in virtual reality with up to 50 people. 

You can choose between 2 virtual reality games: Eclipse VR 4D and Ascenders VR 4D. Choose one of them, and organise yourselves into small groups. The principle remains the same: 2 rooms for the same game.

50 players? Battle it out in 2 war submarines

By playing Echo SquadYou'll be taking part in a naval battle in submarines in a conflict zone. Organise yourself into 2 crews and take command of 2 submarines.

Would you like to modify your 50-person escape game?

If you want to play difficult or anxiety-provoking scenarios, you can replace your choice above in part, and opt for one of the following rooms:

Play the best escape games for 50 people in Paris

Escape LAB welcomes you to the centre of Paris. Its ultra-innovative complex can accommodate a huge number of players simultaneously. Its rooms are equipped with the best technology on the market. When you choose escape LAB, you're guaranteed the best escape games for 50 people in the Paris region.

Our games are accessible to everyone. Children and adults can play in complete safety. The age limit is 10 years. We would like to point out that our offers are valid for both professional and private customers.

Book your escape game for 50 people

Would you like to book an escape game for 50 people in the Paris region? Check out the schedule on our website, and book the one best suited to your schedule. We recommend that you request a quote before booking.