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30 players at Escape LAB Paris

Yes, it is possible to play with 30 people in an Escape game in Paris.
So you'll be divided into a few rooms, but not that many...

Need a moment of immersion with family, friends or colleagues? Play an escape game for 30 people in Paris, and at a lower cost. Escape LAB offers immersive games with breathtaking settings!

Our escapes games are available for 30 players or more

You can play an escape game for up to 30 people on the Escape LAB premises. For a smooth and enjoyable meeting, we offer two configurations.

Configuration A: 2 themes, 4 rooms

This confirmation allows participants to organise themselves into 2 teams: Divide your teams into even numbers to play up to 30 players. 

Play ALMA 3.0 as a team of 30 players 

Form special intervention sub-teams, and save the earth from the threat ALMA 3.0. This immersive game requires teamwork and cooperation. To make sure you get the most out of the game, you'll be split into 2 groups. Each group will play in its own room, but everything will take place simultaneously. Despite this division, both teams will be taking part in the same mission, with extreme synchronisation.

Immerse yourself in the Maya jungle by forming teams to play with up to 30 people: 

Step into the shoes of 14 legendary adventurers, and go on a quest for a priceless Mayan artefact. As in configuration A, you will be split into 2 groups. The aim is to give players plenty of freedom of movement and total comfort during the game. But don't worry, the scenario will run simultaneously in both rooms.

Configuration B: 3 or 4 themes, 6 rooms

Here you have the option of organising yourself into 3 teams: dividing the 30 players into 

Play Eclipse VR 4D or Ascenders VR 4D as a team! 

Eclipse VR 4D and Ascenders VR 4D are immersive virtual reality worlds. You can immerse yourself in them as a sub-team, and gradually all 30 players will be able to take part. As in configuration A, your team will be split into 2 groups. Of course, you'll be playing simultaneously, so you'll be synchronised.

Immerse yourself in Echo Squad in small teams: 

The principle is the same: your team of 30 players is split into several groups, who will play in two rooms.

Enjoy 2 other games for the remaining players in your group of 30 people

For your team of remaining players, you can choose one of the following games:

You will be split into 2 teams, but you will play simultaneously.

Escape LAB welcomes you to the centre of Paris

Escape LAB offers its escapes games for up to 30 people. Located in the 2ᵉ arrondissement of Paris, our complex can accommodate up to more than 30 players simultaneously. Its 12 modular rooms can be set up according to the needs of each customer. As for its games, they benefit from the latest technology.

Book your escape game for 30 people

You have the option of reserve a time slot directly on our website. We can also provide you with a quote onlinein just a few minutes.