escape game Powerstation

from 3 up to 7 players

1 escape room

75 min

Difficulty 4/5

The B423 military base was closed in 1991 in total secrecy.
You're going to enter Level 4, in the Powerstation, through a forbidden access point in the basement, to explore it...

Reinforced concrete walls, drainage pipes, an electrical room - someone will guide you to the entrance of the POWERSTATION room... but will you be able to get out in the dark? Be careful as you explore, as the base is said to still be home to a nuclear missile, a source of greed...

In the same concept: explore base B423 on the 3rd floor: BASE B423 - Security PC

LAB's help : Not one but two areas of the military base have been discovered! Oneway mixes exploration and escape game in a game designed from 3 up to 7 players.

From age 16

28€ per person

French / English

Expect to stay 1H45 on site

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Gaetan_S18's opinion: A very friendly welcome, and a very immersive atmosphere in the room! The head-on exploration works really well for the first few minutes. The storyline is cleverly constructed. We all had a great time!

The opinion ofAmélie B. : Great immersion and gripping storylines! The PowerStationl is pretty complicated, so get ready! :p

The opinion of Ludovic G. : Although the disused military base is a bit technical, it serves its purpose perfectly, providing a good level of thinking and logic with a touch of stress: a must-do!