Follow The Light

Paul Stones was an extraordinary inventor who led a quiet life.

One evening, he called me in a panic and asked me to meet him in a small café in the city centre.
He needed my help to protect his latest creation.
An invention capable of revolutionising the daily lives of millions of people because "they" were after him and "they" were prepared to do anything to get their hands on it.

I tried to reassure him as best I could before dropping him off at home. The next day at the office I got a voicemail. It was Paul.
They've found me... I'm not telling them anything! I know the line isn't safe, so I can't explain in detail. Follow the Light is the key to protecting my invention. Take a quick look on my desk and you'll find a list of people who can help you....... "

I knew straight away that I wouldn't be able to solve this puzzle without help.

If you're reading this message, it means you're on this list. I need your help urgently.
There's one thing that strikes me about Paul's message: " Follow the Light ". Perhaps this is an avenue worth exploring...

3 to 5 players

45 minutes

60% of success

Ephemeral escape room from 8/10 to 28/10 only

LAB's help : Philips brings an incredible level of technology and ultra-professional production to this ephemeral escape game...

3 to 5 players : 1 Room | Free with reservation

PHILIPS HUE ESCAPE: 2nd floor @The Escape LAB - 21 rue du sentier 75002 PARIS    Air-conditioned game


Philips hue

Philips Hue the light connected to your desires