Eclipse VR 4D

Come aboard the spaceship ECLIPSE for a unique, collaborative experience in 4 dimensions thanks to virtual reality and special effects!

This escape game will bluff you! Your complete virtual reality equipment, high-resolution headphones, motion sensors and special and sensory effects will make you live an incredible 4D virtual reality escape game experience for the first time in France, with breathtaking graphics! Collaboration, puzzles and unique sensations await you for a trip into space with a team of 2 to 4 players.

Do you like a challenge? Are you into logical thinking, are you a detail-seeker and a team player? Come abord now!

Forget everything you know on virtual reality. Here the graphics are hyper-realistic, your movements are fully reproduced in the game and this escape game designed with the latest technology does not generate motion sickness (a feeling of imbalance).

2X 2 to 4 players

60mn on site

50% of success

Lab infoIt is the most innovative escape game of the moment, state-of-the-art technology (in partnership with VIVE), stunning graphics (Backlight Studios), puzzles, manipulations, collaboration with your team members and special effects will allow your team to fully immerse itself in space in the ECLIPSE ship, a unique experience!

2 to 8 players in 2 areas, recommended for groups of 4. 60min plan on site (equipment, briefing, 40mn mission and debriefing).
Children from 12 years old accompanied by an adult.

👤 2 to 4 players : 1 Room | 👤 4 to 8 players : 2 Rooms | 30€ per person |
Co-payment available More info

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The opinion of Meli-melo91: A VR experience that's more than a success! Crazy scenery, a real feeling of wandering around freely in a virtual world, and simple, realistic interaction with objects! A really great adventure! And the game master is really nice too!

The opinion of Jérémie B. : An incredible discovery of VR through a thrilling, well-crafted mission! 😀 Graphically incredible, a real intellectual challenge to overcome as a team!

The opinion of Tartopom7 : We tried out the virtual reality escape game... what an experience!
It's nothing like the little tests you find at exhibitions and the other things like that. Here you're immersed in a virtual world for 40 minutes, with sensors in your hands and feet... and when you get home you can hardly believe you're still in Paris!
In short, a crazy experience! I even went back to show it to other friends! (you can do 2 different scenarios)

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