Power Station - Military Base B423 (Basement)

The information has been known for several months, a disused American base, closed in 1991, is located at the 21 rue du Sentier.
A new way to access (illegally) the B-423 military complex has been found! This time the exploration takes place in the 1st basement of the base, a staircase prohibited to the public will take you to this abandoned area.
POWERSTATION seems accessible to exploration. Reinforced concrete walls, drainage pipes, electrical room, someone will guide you to the entrance... but can you get out of there?

Also discover the other escape room: PC Security of the B423 database

3 to 6 players

75 minutes

35% of success

Lab info: It is not one but two areas of the military base that have been discovered! Oneway combines exploration and escape game in a game formatted for 3 to 6 players.

Your mission will last up to 75 minutes. Plan 2h on site.
Children from 12 years old accompanied by an adult.

👤 3 to 6 players : 1 Room | 28€ per person |
Co-payment available More info

ONEWAY ESCAPE : Basement @The Escape LAB - 21 rue du sentier 75002 PARIS   Air-conditioned game

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Gaetan_S18's opinion: A very friendly welcome, and a very immersive atmosphere in the room! The head-on exploration works really well for the first few minutes. The storyline is cleverly constructed. We all had a great time!

The opinion ofAmélie B. : Great immersion and gripping storylines! The PowerStationl is pretty complicated, so get ready! :p

The opinion of Ludovic G. : Although the disused military base is a bit technical, it serves its purpose perfectly, providing a good level of thinking and logic with a touch of stress: a must-do!


Oneway Escape

Escape games since: 2015
Origin: Lyon

Its history

The specialist in a new escape game concept based on Urbex: the exploration of closed or forbidden places. Here a military base has been discovered, inside several areas to explore...

Its achievements

  • Security Post - Base B423
  • Powerstation - Base B423
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