The Break Room

This activity is not an escape game but a session of constructive destruction.

Looking to de-stress? Get ready! Now's the time to let off steam. Working as a safe team, you'll be breaking and breaking and breaking kilos of crockery... The feeling of well-being you get from a Break Room session is incredible! Maximum safety, non-harmful materials.

4 to 12 participants

30 to 60 minutes

100% of fun

The Break Room is no longer available at The Escape LAB Paris

LAB's help This is not an escape game, but a unique experience: breaking objects! Your coach will give you a boost to make this exercise a unique way of letting off steam. You'll quickly get into the swing of things, and it'll do you a world of good!

? 4 to 12 participants in the area - flexible duration depending on the event

 Access via Rez-de chaussée @The Escape LAB - 21 rue du sentier 75002 PARIS



Team-buildings since: 2009
Origin : Paris
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Team building, incentive, events and evening entertainment agency for companies based in Paris, the Paris region and Ile de France. Creator of the Destruction Constructive concept

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  • Constructive destruction
  • Auto smash
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