Are you an Escape Room creator?

The Escape LAB' is a unique project dedicated to escape room creators (freelancers, designers, gamedesigners and franchises).

Join one of our complexes to set up your escape rooms on a permanent or temporary basis.

Before submitting your application, please :

  • Proof of 18 months' activity or more in the escape game sector
  • Create original escape rooms designed and created in France
  • A team to design, install, maintain and operate your rooms
  • Be able to provide certificates of conformity for materials and decorations


    I certify that I have been in business for 18 months or more

    I'm an escape game professional

    I would like to take part in a collaborative project

    I undertake to promote the establishment

    I undertake to meet the project deadlines

    Number of rooms required :1234

    Area required per room :
    m² to m² approximately

    Number of players per room :

    to players

    Proposed theme(s) :

    Additional information:

    - Game principles, types of objects and puzzles, setting, mechanics, game modes...

    - Current room occupancy rate : %

    - Estimated cost of works and accessories (investment) :

    - Do you need financing? : YesPartialNo

    Other info :

    Select a project :