Organise your seminars and team-buildings at The Escape Lab'.

The Escape LAB' is the largest escape game complex in France. 12 escape rooms in a 1300 m2 space allowing to welcome up to 80 players simultaneously without forgetting LE4 and its terrace, L'ÉPHÉMÈRE, le ZERO21, la BIBLIO' our 5 areas are available for private use from 8H30 to 23H.


  • A 110m² area that can be privatised
  • Bright, warm, equipped
  • Design furniture, terrace, kitchenette
  • Seminar, birthday, breakfast
  • Capacity: 80 people
  • Rental 2H to 2 days


  • A 50m² area that can be privatised
  • Capacity: 30 people
  • Rental 2H to a day

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  • A 50m² area that can be privatised
  • Meeting, Breakfast, snack, cocktail
  • Capacity: 35 people
  • Rental 2H to a 2 days


  • A 15m² area that can be privatised
  • Meeting, Breakfast, snack, cocktail
  • Capacity: 15 people
  • Rental 2H to 12H

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    Cocktails and Evenings

    15 to 100 people

    Seminar rooms

    20 to 90 people

    Small group of people

    5 to 15 people


    Workshops, games, music

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    What could be better than working while having fun?

    The Lab' allows companies to meet in a cosy and functional room to showcase, to work but not only... Breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner come and share a moment in an unusual area. It is in a large room of 110 m2, hosting up to 50 people in seminar or 70 in the evening, that you can meet up in order to mix business with pleasure.

    Team Building

    What better way to strengthen relationships than to test your skills hand in hand?

    After a quick briefing, the Escape Game helps to strengthen team cohesion while having fun. This is the time to prove that you can solve our many puzzles, show team spirit and unravel the mysteries of these rooms that await you. After the game, you will have the opportunity to discuss the experience you have just had in one of the privatised areas.


    Is it your birthday? Blow out a new candle and surpass yourself!

    This is a great day for you, but we need you. A hero doesn't take vacations. Despite this important day you must help us. Come with your family, your friends, we need backup! We will provide everything you need to start your mission in the best conditions: music, food, cocktails, etc. We are just waiting for you...