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Players per team Total players Price per player Time Minimum age child
Echo Squad
4 to 6 12 32 € 60mn + 15mn 12 years old + 2 adults Not available in English
Black magic
2*/3 to 5/6* 6 28 € *42€ to 2 75mn + 10mn 12 years old + 2 adults Not available in English
Eclipse VR 4D
2 to 4 8 30 € 40mn + 20mn 12 years old + 1 adult Embark on the ECLIPSE spaceship for a unique and collaborative experience in 4 dimensions thanks to virtual reality and special effects! This escape game will bluff you! Your complete virtual reality equipment, high-resolution headphones, motion sensors and special and sensory effects will make you live an incredible 4D virtual reality escape game experience for the first time in France, with breathtaking graphics! Collaboration, puzzles and unique sensations await you for a trip into space with a team of 2 to 4 players. Do you like challenges, can you be consistent, observant, team player? Immediate boarding! Forget about your preconceived ideas about virtual reality. Here the graphics are very realistic, your movements are fully reproduced in the game and this escape game designed with the latest technologies does not generate motion sickness or feeling of imbalance.
Neuro-Link Experience
3 to 6 18 28 € 60mn + 20mn 14 years old + 2 adults The most secret of neuroscience laboratories, Neuro-Link, conducts extensive research and experimentation on the brain. But the guinea pigs invited to the Primates Project seem to be gradually disappearing... As invested journalists, you decide to play along and go there to unravel this mystery... An immersion investigation from which you may not get through unscathed... Link offers you a new generation escape game, 100% realistic and immersive. If you were really locked up, how would you get out?
Alma Threat 3.0
4 to 10 20 28 € 75mn + 15mn 12 years old + 2 adults Satellites crashing, a dysfunctional telephone network and the Internet cut off in many countries.... For the past 24 hours, technological chaos has plunged humans into distress. The starting point of this disaster is the autonomous car accident of Sam BINGE, a famous 18-year-old Hacker, creator of ALMA artificial intelligence. The experts are formal. Freed from its creator, the ALMA system now communicates in encrypted form with the machines and will have infected all computers and smartphones on the planet within 75 minutes. Electricity, water, means of communication will soon be a distant memory. Enter the Hacker's lair and neutralize ALMA before it controls the entire world...
PowerStation Base B423
3 to 6 6 28 € 75mn + 10mn 12 years old + 2 adults The information has been known for several months, a disused American base, closed in 1991, is located at the 21 rue du Sentier. A new way to access (illegally) the B-423 military complex has been found! This time the exploration takes place in the 1st basement of the base, a staircase prohibited to the public will take you to this abandoned area. POWERSTATION seems accessible to exploration. Reinforced concrete walls, drainage pipes, electrical room, someone will guide you to the entrance... but can you get out of there?
PC Security Base B423
4 to 7 7 32 € 60 to 90 minutes + 15 minutes 12 years old + 2 adults Explorers, get ready! A way has been found to gain (illegal) access to the B-423 military complex, an abandoned American base that closed in a hurry in 1991, for mysterious reasons. This base is spread over several floors... Quick! A secret entrance has been discovered on the 3rd floor... A technical room prohibited to the public, a ventilation duct... it is up to you to find the entrance of the B423 base security post and explore the area... it seems that you are not completely alone...
2 to 10 77 23.30 to €42 1h to 2h on site From 12 years old accompanied